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Information about the business of travel stock photography and a selection of well sold pictures about travel, nature and animals from around the world.

Maybe we should start with a short explanation:
What is stock photography?
Some people are able to write whole books about "stock photography" but this is often done to impress readers or to complicate a topic which is quite simple to explain. Not that there aren't areas of stock photography which you can write novels about, but just to answer this simple question now "What is stock photography": Stock photography is, in most cases, pictures you have on file which you try to sell. Some stock photos are taken on assignment but many pictures are taken by stock photographers in advance in the hope to be able to sell them later.

We are concentrating on nature and wildlife travel stock photography. This means we travel a lot, take pictures of places where others only go to enjoy their vacations. Thats the tough part, that we actually have to work there - and yes, it is quite often hard work which often involves around 16 hour days spent walking with 30 KG of equipment, in temperatures ranging from 35 degrees celsius plus... (... more information below the photos)

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photo of Clayoquot Sound BC Clayoquot Sound BC
The beautiful Clayoquot Sound near Tofino in BC is dotted with small islands, coves and bays which are fringed with temperate rainforest.
There are numerous reasons for traveling to beautiful Clayoquot Sound, near Tofino on Vancouver...
photo of Seattle Washington Seattle Washington
The Seattle city lights reflect in the cloudy Washington night sky.
Downtown Seattle at night, Washington, USA, North America.
photo of Ocean Waters Ocean Waters
The turbulent waters of the Pacific Ocean seen from Ecola State Park in Oregon, USA.
Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park, Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Park, Oregon, Oregon...
photo of Cloud Photos Cloud Photos
One in my collection of cloud photos near taken near Bishop in California, USA.
Cloud formations on north end of Inyo Mountains, near Bishop, California, USA, North America
photo of Pacific Ocean Images Pacific Ocean Images
Stunning sunset images of seaspray and waves rolling in from the Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast, USA.
Oceanside Beach, Oregon Coast, Oregon, USA, North America.
photo of Humpback Whale Humpback Whale
A humpback whale showing its tail fluke as it dives after sunset in Newfoundland, Canada.
Humpback Whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, Canada, Newfoundland, Labrador,
photo of Wild Cougars Wild Cougars
A wonderful representative of wild cougars, this young cougar was stalking its prey on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Cougar, Felis concolor, British Columbia, Canada
photo of Blackcomb Terrain Park Blackcomb Terrain Park
A snowboarder enjoys the snow terrain park on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
A photo of a snow boarder on the Blackcomb Terrain Park in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
photo of Cute Babys Cute Babys
A herd of cute harp seal babys were no more than three to four days old when I visited the ice floes on the Gulf of St Lawrence.
Heather and Paul McCartney on the Ice to Protect Harp Seals with the Humane Society of the United...
photo of Ice Art Ice Art

Heather and Paul McCartney on the Ice to Protect Harp Seals with the Humane Society of the United...
photo of Amazing Animals Amazing Animals
Harp Seals are pretty amazing animals who are well equipped to withstand the brutally cold conditions of the Atlantic Ocean during winter.
The female Harp Seals are amazing animals indeed, they can tell which pup is their own by scent...
photo of Oldman River Lethbridge Oldman River Lethbridge
The Oldman River is the main water supply for the city of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.
Canada, Alberta, Lethbridge, Oldman River, High Level Bridge, Rail Bridge, Spring
photo of Quebec City Old Town Picture Winter Quebec City Old Town Picture Winter
Looking up to the Fairmont Hotel Frontenac which overlooks the old town of Quebec City in the french canadian province of Quebec.
Winter pictures of the old town of Quebec City and the Fairmont Hotel Frontenac, Quebec, Canada.
photo of Aurora Borealis Or Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Or Northern Lights
Stock Photo of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights
Stock Photo of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and a Igloo. One of the best locations to see the...
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... to -40 degrees celsius.

Picture of northern lights dancing above an inukshuk near Churchill Manitoba Depending on whether we have an assignment for the shoot or not, we work with a picture request list from the company which hired us OR we photograph what we think will sell.

There is not a lot of money in travel stock photography because most publishers don't pay a lot (fortunately there are still some which pay a fair price), this is also the reason why especially in the last few years a lot of photographers concentrate on other stock photography which is taken under controlled circumstances - a studio. Although it is a lot of work to do studio pictures, and takes a lot of knowledge, creativity and technical know how, it is way more difficult to get good travel stock photography.

In the field you not only have to deal with creativity and technical skills, but also with the environment which you can't control, with paperwork and permits, different languages, and a lot of research on where and what to photograph. Additionally, there are all the normal travel risks and problems like flying, robbery, living out of a suitecase in hotels, and renting cars - which sometimes break down. I could write another 5 pages on those topics.

These are all reasons why travel stock photos are way more expensive to produce. On one production in Spain we drove almost 6000KM (with gas prices reaching an astronomical 1.50 Euro per liter) within 2 weeks, just to finish all of our "to do" list. There is always the time pressure too, you have to be very efficient, otherwise it costs too much money.

Picture of a canoe along a lake with fog in the background This is one of the reasons why I personally believe that travel, nature and wildlife stock photography should be paid better then the studio work where you place some flowers in front of a white cartoon and you have all day to take those two amazing pictures.

Again, please do not get this wrong - I totally take my hat off and appreciate the work of studio photographers (I still do some large format work in my studio) but what I'm trying to say is that it is not always fair when a studio photograph attracts a price which is 10 times more the price of a travel picture.

So - that said, here are some pictures of my nature, wildlife and travel stock photography which have sold well over the years. To see more please go to my stock photo catalog. Enjoy this little selection of my most popular stock photography which has been used in magazines, calendars, postcards, travel guides, television, advertisement, and in many other media platforms.

Please use the search (powered by Google) to find what you looking for - give it a try - you will be surprised how well it works!