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Information about the business of travel stock photography and a selection of well sold pictures about travel, nature and animals from around the world.

Maybe we should start with a short explanation:
What is stock photography?
Some people are able to write whole books about "stock photography" but this is often done to impress readers or to complicate a topic which is quite simple to explain. Not that there aren't areas of stock photography which you can write novels about, but just to answer this simple question now "What is stock photography": Stock photography is, in most cases, pictures you have on file which you try to sell. Some stock photos are taken on assignment but many pictures are taken by stock photographers in advance in the hope to be able to sell them later.

We are concentrating on nature and wildlife travel stock photography. This means we travel a lot, take pictures of places where others only go to enjoy their vacations. Thats the tough part, that we actually have to work there - and yes, it is quite often hard work which often involves around 16 hour days spent walking with 30 KG of equipment, in temperatures ranging from 35 degrees celsius plus... (... more information below the photos)

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photo of South Bay And Kaikoura Mountain Range Picture South Bay And Kaikoura Mountain Range Picture
Green pastures and South Bay are illuminated with the last rays of daylight as the Kaikoura Mountain Range is shrouded in a thin layer of fog in Canterbury, New Zealand.
New Zealand's South Island is renowned for its diverse landscape and this picture demonstrates...
photo of Fly Fishing Guide Main Brook Fly Fishing Guide Main Brook
Fly fishing is a great outdoor sport in Main Brook, Newfoundland and a guide can show you the proper techniques to catching some fine fish.
As you stand out in the fast moving Salmon River in Main Brook, Newfoundland fly fishing, you can...
photo of Inukshuk Sunset Lake Superior Ontario Canada Inukshuk Sunset Lake Superior Ontario Canada
As sunset closes in around Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, an Inukshuk decorates the coastline.
Every Inukshuk that is built has a different meaning or tries to promote a different meaning, but...
photo of Castlepoint Sunset Scenery New Zealand Castlepoint Sunset Scenery New Zealand
The Castlepoint lagoon in Castlepoint on the North Island of New Zealand is glowing in the light from the sunset as the shape of Castle Rock is outlined.
The town of Castlepoint along the Wairarapa coastline is one of the most fascinating places to...
photo of Wild Outdoor Adventures Wild Outdoor Adventures
One of the wild outdoor adventures at the Cascade de Sauth deth Pish in the Val d'Aran in the Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain.
One of those wild outdoor adventures not for the faint hearted! For hours these adventureous guys...
photo of Waterfall Rapids Lake Superior Provincial Park Waterfall Rapids Lake Superior Provincial Park
As Autumn leaves change the color of the landscape of Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, the swift rapids flow from the waterfall above.
Some of the Autumn leaves that slowly drop away from the trees in the forest in Lake Superior...
photo of Footprints Sand Lake Superior Ontario At Sunset Footprints Sand Lake Superior Ontario At Sunset
Footprints sink into the sand along the beach at Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada as the tones of colors reflect off the landscape at sunset.
One could let their imagination run wild with this picture and create fascinating stories about the...
photo of Salmon Glacier Scenery British Columbia Salmon Glacier Scenery British Columbia
The scenery from above the Salmon Glacier in British Columbia, BC is stunning as beautiful purple wildflowers flourish along the mountain cliffs.
Looking down upon the Salmon Glacier in British Columbia, you can see a massive amount of ice that...
photo of Downtown Calgary Skyscrapers Alberta Downtown Calgary Skyscrapers Alberta
Throughout the downtown core of Calgary, Alberta you will find yourself towered over by skyscrapers that reach unbelievable heights.
When you arrive in Calgary, Alberta and you head...
photo of Labrador Fog Pinware River Mouth Labrador Fog Pinware River Mouth
Thick fog sets in around the Pinware River Mouth in the Strait of Belle Isle in Southern Labrador, Canada with a large boulder being the only thing visible.
Standing on the banks along the Pinware River Mouth in Pinware River Provincial Park in Southern...
photo of Quirpon Harbour Newfoundland Quirpon Harbour Newfoundland
Some winters persist longer than others and in the town of Quirpon, Newfoundland the harbour was still blocked with pack ice in late spring in 2007.
While massive icebergs, free of the inhibiting pack ice which binds them during the winter, float...
photo of Picture Of Hot Glass Picture Of Hot Glass
The art of glassblowing uses extremely hot, molten glass which can be molded into a variety of shapes.
Glass Blowing, Lincoln City Glass Center, Lincoln City, Oregon Coast, Highway 101, Oregon, USA,...
photo of Mistela Wine Spain Mistela Wine Spain
Bottles of Mistela wine is sold at a local grocery store in the Spanish speaking town of Xalo in Valencia, Spain in Europe.
There are many different ways to pronounce and spell Mistela, but in the town of Xalo in Valencia,...
photo of Glacier Helicopter Tours New Zealand Glacier Helicopter Tours New Zealand
A helicopter sets down upon the landscape of Fox Glacier on one of the many tours available to see these magnificent natural wonders of New Zealand.
Helicopter tours are the only way to really enjoy the natural wonders of the landscape of the area...
photo of Newfoundland Accommodations Newfoundland Accommodations
Elegant accommodations are available at the Tuckamore Lodge near Main Brook, Newfoundland where the serenity of the wilderness is your next door neighbour.
If searching for the accommodations of your dreams while visiting the Great Northern Peninsula in...
photo of Cape Reinga Sunset Northland New Zealand Cape Reinga Sunset Northland New Zealand
A vivid sunset dawns on the landscape surrounding Cape Reinga in Northland on the North Island of New Zealand.
Sunset over Te Werahi Beach, Motuopao Island, and Cape Maria from Cape Reinga, Northland, North...
photo of Red Sky Valencia Spain Red Sky Valencia Spain
With the low cloud in the sky over the L'Umbracle, the city lights of Valencia, Spain created a red glow in the sky.
L'Umbracle, Garden, at La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies Complex, Ciudad de las Artes y las...
photo of Modern Architecture In Valencia Spain Modern Architecture In Valencia Spain
There's a real mix of ancient and modern architecture to be found in the city of Valencia, Spain.
L'Hemisferic, and Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia at La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies Complex,...
photo of Adventure Trip Spain Adventure Trip Spain
There are a number of adventure options for a trip to the Val d'Aran in Catalonia, Spain including nature walks, kayaking, and much more.
Hiker on the banks of the Lake, Estany de Pica Palomera and Arriu de Varrados (River Varrados) near...
photo of Picture Of A Beach Sunset USA Picture Of A Beach Sunset USA
Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula is an awesome place for pictures of stunning sunsets and crashing ocean waves.
As you stand on Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA at low tide, the beach...
photo of Castlepoint Beacon Wairarapa Castlepoint Beacon Wairarapa
The beacon from the Castlepoint Lighthouse has shone for many years in Wairarapa on the North Island of New Zealand.
On a beautiful evening when the sun begins to set and the sky is a deep blue color, the beacon atop...
photo of Orange Tiger Butterfly Victoria Orange Tiger Butterfly Victoria
An Orange Tiger Butterfly rests peacefully on a leaf at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia.
The Orange Tiger Butterfly is also known as the Tiger Butterfly, Banded Orange Butterfly or the...
photo of Switzerland Red Park Bench Switzerland Red Park Bench
A snowstorm late in the season covers this red park bench with mounds of snow in the Oberalppass near Andermatt, Switzerland.
A picnic in the park near Andermatt, Switzerland in the Oberalppass would be rather chilly after...
photo of Artists Palette Pools New Zealand Artists Palette Pools New Zealand
The Artists Palette at Orakei Korako near Taupo, New Zealand is a fascinating thermal area made up of various pools.
Thermal pools are spread out in the Artists Palette at Orakei Korako near Taupo on the North Island...
photo of Aerials Aerials
Aerial Photo of an Iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean off Labrador
Aerial Image of an Iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

Please make sure to visit my...

photo of Powerful Bavarian Man Powerful Bavarian Man
This powerful Bavarian man is one of many at the Maibaumest in Putzbrunn, Germany.
Traditional Maibaumfest in Putzbrunn in Southern Bavaria, Germany, near Munich.
photo of Bavarian Feather Bavarian Feather
The feather on Bavarian hats is part of the decorative pin in Putzbrunn, Germany.
Traditional Maibaumfest in Putzbrunn in Southern Bavaria, Germany, near Munich.
photo of Vegas Nightlife Nevada Vegas Nightlife Nevada
Billboards and neon lights advertise the nightlife entertainment in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Las Vegas is a place that never stops and it is famous for its nightlife where the city night...
photo of Picture Of Boats Picture Of Boats
A colourful line up of small fishing boats in the Vernazza Harbour, Liguria, Italy.
Boats tied up in the harbour of Vernazza, Liguria, Riviera di Levante, Italy, Europe.
photo of Palazzo Ducale Venezia Palazzo Ducale Venezia
Situated in the Piazza San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale is a famous tourist attraction in Venezia, Italy.
The Palazzo Ducale in the Piazza San Marco, San Marco in...
photo of Field Of Russell Lupins New Zealand Field Of Russell Lupins New Zealand
A field of contrasts as the Russell Lupins bloom on the banks of the Eglinton River in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand.
Field of Russell Lupins, Lupinus polyphyllus, in the Eglinton River Valley in Fiordland National...
photo of Dancing Penguins Dancing Penguins
When penguins come ashore, as well as preening themselves and checking out their surroundings they also move like they are dancing.
Yellow Eyed Penguin, Megadyptes antipodes in the Catlins Forest at the Petrified Forest at Porpoise...
photo of Spain Opera Forum Spain Opera Forum
The Palau des les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia, Spain is the ideal forum for many famous opera shows.
The Opera House in Valencia, Spain at the City of Arts and Science was officially opened in...
photo of Palais Des Papas Avignon France Palais Des Papas Avignon France
The historic Palais des Papas glistens in the sunlight in the walled city of Avignon, in the Provence, France in Europe.
The sun shining off the Palais des Papas in Avignon, France in Europe turns the exterior of this...
photo of Lake Moraine Canada Lake Moraine Canada
Lake Moraine in Banff National Park is a glacier fed lake located in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada.
Lake Moraine has an incredible hue of blue to the water with the most amazing mountain range known...
photo of Two Stroke Vehicles Two Stroke Vehicles
Locals of the town of Monterosso, Italy in Europe use two stroke vehicles or bicyles to get from place to place.
Two stroke vehicles are the most convenient and quickest way to get around in the town of...
photo of Valle DAran Spain Valle DAran Spain
The Valley of Valley's, the Valle d'Aran in Catalonia, Spain is an area of rolling meadows, forests, and pristine Lakes.
Hiker beside Lake, Estany de Pica Palomera near Cascade de Sauth deth pish in the Vall d'Aran,...
photo of Religious Architecture Venice Religious Architecture Venice
The Basilica San Marco is a prime example of evolving religious architecture in Venice, Italy.
Basilica di San Marco in the Piazza San Marco (San Marco Square),...
photo of Space Needle Picture Space Needle Picture
A Seattle Washington icon, the Space Needle, lit up with christmas lights at the pinacle.
Downtown Seattle at night, Washington, USA, North America.
photo of Dried Lavender Bunches Dried Lavender Bunches
Spikes of lavender flowers are dried and presented in bunches for sale at the Cours Saleya in Nice, Provence, France.
Bundles of dried lavender at the markets, Cours Saleya in the Old Town of Nice, Provence, Cote...
photo of Modern Valencia Spain Modern Valencia Spain
A city with a thousand years of history, Valencia is one of the most modern cities in Spain and Europe.
The Architect of these intriguing buildings is Santiago Calatrava who was born in Valenica, Spain...
photo of Iceberg Formations Iceberg Formations
Although an iceberg is a beautiful sight which features many unique ice formations, they are a danger to shipping.
Like a giant bobbing island, this iceberg had many interesting formations etched into it over...
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Stock photos / pictures per page in Travel Stock Photography:   

... to -40 degrees celsius.

Picture of northern lights dancing above an inukshuk near Churchill Manitoba Depending on whether we have an assignment for the shoot or not, we work with a picture request list from the company which hired us OR we photograph what we think will sell.

There is not a lot of money in travel stock photography because most publishers don't pay a lot (fortunately there are still some which pay a fair price), this is also the reason why especially in the last few years a lot of photographers concentrate on other stock photography which is taken under controlled circumstances - a studio. Although it is a lot of work to do studio pictures, and takes a lot of knowledge, creativity and technical know how, it is way more difficult to get good travel stock photography.

In the field you not only have to deal with creativity and technical skills, but also with the environment which you can't control, with paperwork and permits, different languages, and a lot of research on where and what to photograph. Additionally, there are all the normal travel risks and problems like flying, robbery, living out of a suitecase in hotels, and renting cars - which sometimes break down. I could write another 5 pages on those topics.

These are all reasons why travel stock photos are way more expensive to produce. On one production in Spain we drove almost 6000KM (with gas prices reaching an astronomical 1.50 Euro per liter) within 2 weeks, just to finish all of our "to do" list. There is always the time pressure too, you have to be very efficient, otherwise it costs too much money.

Picture of a canoe along a lake with fog in the background This is one of the reasons why I personally believe that travel, nature and wildlife stock photography should be paid better then the studio work where you place some flowers in front of a white cartoon and you have all day to take those two amazing pictures.

Again, please do not get this wrong - I totally take my hat off and appreciate the work of studio photographers (I still do some large format work in my studio) but what I'm trying to say is that it is not always fair when a studio photograph attracts a price which is 10 times more the price of a travel picture.

So - that said, here are some pictures of my nature, wildlife and travel stock photography which have sold well over the years. To see more please go to my stock photo catalog. Enjoy this little selection of my most popular stock photography which has been used in magazines, calendars, postcards, travel guides, television, advertisement, and in many other media platforms.

Please use the search (powered by Google) to find what you looking for - give it a try - you will be surprised how well it works!