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Animals are one of my favourite subjects to photograph. Most of the time we photograph wild animals in their natural habitat in the wilderness, but sometimes we have to visit a Zoo in order to get some photos of endangered animals. In this portfolio we show you some cute and some grumpy looking wildlife, as well as sweet looking dogs, and the ever cute baby animals which are usually the cutest of all.

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photo of Sea Animals Sea Animals
Killer Whales surfing behind a whale watching boat in Johnstone Strait of Vancouver Island, Sea Animals in British Columbia, Canada
Photo of surfing Killer Whales beside a whale watching boat. These beautiful Sea...
photo of Killer Whale Sunset BC Killer Whale Sunset BC
A brilliant orange sunset reflects in the cloudy sky while a Northern Resident Killer Whale swims by in British Columbia, BC, Canada.
A large male Orca Whale cruises the waters of Weynton Passage just off Northern Vancouver Island,...
photo of Pictures Of Dolphins Pictures Of Dolphins
Pictures of Dolphins, Pacific White Sided Dolphins of Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada
Stock Pictures of Dolphins in Blackfish Sound and Queen Charlotte Strait on Northern Vancouver...
photo of Symbols Of Peace Symbols Of Peace
Stock Photo of an american bald eagle sitting in light snowfall, a symbol of peace.
Stock Photo of an Eagle, a Symbols of peace. The american bald eagle always was a symbol of peace...
photo of Cute Animal Pictures Cute Animal Pictures
The endangered Red Panda poses for some cute animal pictures at the Edmonton Zoo, Alberta, Canada.
Added to my collection of cute animal pictures is this Red Panda. There are only a few of these...
photo of Funny Animal Picture Funny Animal Picture
This female harp seal made getting a funny animal picture easy, with the icicles on her whiskers she kept popping her head up through the hole to check on her cute baby.
This female harp seal was looking out for her 3 day old pup but she certainly made for a funny...
photo of Penguin Bird Watching Sights Penguin Bird Watching Sights
A close encounter with a penguin during an evening out bird watching in the Catlins.
A growing number of people are taking to bird watching and many will now travel the globe to expand...
photo of Greater Flamingos France Greater Flamingos France
A small group of Greater Flamingos flying overhead in the Camargue in the Bouches du Rhone region of Provence, France.
Flying Greater Flamingos, Phoenicopterus roseus, Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue, Plaine de la...
photo of Cougars Cougars
Graceful and agile animals, cougars (mountain lions)are the largest wild cat in British Columbia, Canada.
The largest wild cat in British Columbia, cougars inhabit the mainland as well as many coastal...
photo of Cheetah Picture Cheetah Picture
Cheetah Picture photographed on a trip in Namibia, Africa
Cheetah Picture taken in Namibia, Africa
photo of Bear Viewing Bear Viewing
Photo of a cute bute large Grizzly bear - bear viewing pure!
Cute but large resting Grizzly Bear in Alaska.
photo of Animal Picture Arctic Fox Animal Picture Arctic Fox
The Arctic Fox is an animal that loves the chilly winters around Churchill, Manitoba as he walks across the icy tundra while we snap his picture.
Out on an adventure, this Arctic Fox makes his way across the frozen waters of the Hudson Bay in...
photo of White Beluga Whale White Beluga Whale
Also referred to as White Whales, the Beluga whale spends much of it's time in Arctic or sub-arctic waters such as Alaska, and the Churchill - Hudson Bay area of Canada.
Beluga Whale also known as White Whale, Delphinapterus leucas, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Kaka Bird Picture Kaka Bird Picture
An endemic bird to New Zealand, the Kaka dwells mostly in the depths of the forest throughout the country.
As we take this picture of the Kaka Bird at the Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre on the...
photo of Wild Horse Picture Wild Horse Picture
A cute wild horse peers out from behind the grass in the Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue, Provence, France.
A very elusive animal, this is a wild Camargue horse found is the Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue...
photo of Atlantic Puffin Atlantic Puffin
A Atlantic Puffin presents proud its fresh caught capeline fish.
A Atlantic Puffin with fresh caught capeline (capline) fish in its mouth. These cute birds are also...
photo of Polar Bears Polar Bears
These cute polar bears were all lined up foraging along a wall in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
One of my favourite photos of Polar bears, three bums lined up along the wall of a building in...
photo of Caribou Caribou
A caribou stag amidst the beautiful fall colours of the Denali National Park of Alaska.
A Caribou stag of the Denali caribou herd grazes amongst the beautiful falls colours in the Denali...
photo of Bubo Virginianus Bubo Virginianus
This beautiful bird is more known under its name "Great Horned Owl".
bubo virginianus , great horned owl
photo of Dolphin Photos Dolphin Photos
A mom and baby bottlenose dolphin swimming side by side in shallow waters of the Red Sea off the coast of Israel.
A bottlenose Dolphin baby with its mother photographed underwater in the Red Sea of...
photo of Beyond The Sea Beyond The Sea
Humpback Whale Tail at sunset, beyond the sea
beyond the sea, showing a beautiful Humpback Whale Tail at sunset, Megaptera novaeangliae
photo of Endangered Animal List Endangered Animal List
Stock photo of one of the mammals found on the Endangered Animal List a cute Red Panda.
Stock photo of a mammal on the Endangered Animal List, the Red Panda. The Red Panda is a very cute...
photo of Polar Bear Family Picture Churchill Manitoba Polar Bear Family Picture Churchill Manitoba
Posing for this picture was not what this Polar Bear family had in mind when we captured this shot in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.
A mother Polar Bear watches very closely over her cub on the icy tundra in Churchill, Manitoba as...
photo of New Zealand Oyster Catchers New Zealand Oyster Catchers
Variable Oyster Catchers are easily recognizable on the coastline of New Zealand as they have black plumage, bright orange eyes and beak with a tinge of yellow at the tip.
Two Variable Oyster Catchers decide to take a stroll along the shore of Ocean Bay in the...
photo of Timber Wolf Animal Picture Timber Wolf Animal Picture
Ears lean back, teeth are bared and eyes look scary on this Timber Wolf at Omega Park in Montebello in Quebec, Canada.
Something seems to have set this Timber Wolf into a bit of a state as he bares his teeth for us at...
photo of Animal Picture Golden Lion Tamarin Animal Picture Golden Lion Tamarin
A cute Golden Lion Tamarin clings to a tree in the Tropical Forest at the Biodome de Montreal in Montreal, Quebec in Canada.
This small furry little animal that resides in the Tropical Forest at the Biodome de Montreal in...
photo of Dolphins Teeth L Oceanografic Valencia Spain Dolphins Teeth L Oceanografic Valencia Spain
Four Bottlenose Dolphins perform for their trainer at the L'Oceanografic in the City of Valencia in Spain and give visitors a good look at their teeth.
Twenty Bottlenose Dolphins reside in the Dolphinarium at the L'Oceanografic in Valencia, Spain and...
photo of Picture Of A Cute Newfoundland Dog Picture Of A Cute Newfoundland Dog
A super cute Newfoundland Dog named Ella was patient with us while we photographed her near the Eagle River in Southern Labrador, Canada.
Ella the Newfoundland Dog, Canis familiaris, at Rifflin'Hitch Lodge on the banks of the Eagle River...
photo of Wood Bison Alberta Wood Bison Alberta
A large wood bison running through the green field in Elk Island National Park in Alberta, Canada.
The Wood Bison is one of the largest animals that resides solely on the ground and is a fairly fast...
photo of Auckland Zoo Animal Auckland Zoo Animal
The Ring-tailed Lemur is naturally found only in Madagascar but they are also a common animal at the Auckland Zoo.
One type of animal found at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand, is this adorable Ring-tailed Lemur. As...
photo of Drysdale Sheep Drysdale Sheep
The cute face of the Drysdale Sheep is one of over 600,000 found throughout New Zealand.
At the Agrodome in Rotorua on the North Island of New Zealand you will find shows and exhibits of...
photo of Australasian Gannet Chick NZ Australasian Gannet Chick NZ
A mother Australasian Gannet tends to her chick at the Cape Kidnappers colony on the North Island of NZ.
An Australasian Gannet adult cleans and checks over her one month old chick in the colony at Hawkes...
photo of Picture Of Cormorants Picture Of Cormorants
A pair of cormorants interact at the L'Oceanografic Aquarium in Valencia, Spain.
Cormorant Birds at the L'Oceanografic, Aquarium, at the La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies...
photo of Giraffe Facts Giraffe Facts
You can view a giraffe at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand and learn all the facts of this intriguing animal.
By looking at this picture of a giraffe taken at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand you can see that...
photo of Oriental Small Clawed Otter Oriental Small Clawed Otter
The Oriental Small Clawed Otter chewing on his lunch at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand.
The smallest otter in the world is the Oriental small clawed otter and can be viewed at the...
photo of Picture Of A Wild Horse Picture Of A Wild Horse
Roaming free and wild, a Camargue horse in the Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue in the Bouches du Rhone, Provence, France.
Camargue Horse, Equus caballus, in Plaine de la Camargue, Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue,...
photo of Emu Picture Emu Picture
An emu relaxes in his habitat at the Auckland Zoo on the North Island of New Zealand.
Australia is where the Emu originates from and is the second largest bird in the world after the...
photo of Moose Stag Ontario Moose Stag Ontario
This large moose stag shows off his antlers in his natural environment in Ontario, Canada.
A moose stag is the largest you will find in the deer family and is distinguished from others by...
photo of Ancient Tuatara Reptile Ancient Tuatara Reptile
At the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand you can find a Tuatara which is an ancient reptile in danger of becoming extinct.
The Tuatara is an ancient reptile found only in New Zealand and is the last remaining member of the...
photo of Cute Hippopotamus Cute Hippopotamus
How can anyone say a hippopotamus is not cute when you look at a picture like this staring back at you.
The hippopotamus has cute eyes, small round ears and nostrils located extremely high on the roof of...
photo of Giant Owl Butterfly Victoria Giant Owl Butterfly Victoria
Victoria Butterfly Gardens in Victoria, Canada is the ideal place for tourists to get a close look at a Giant Owl Butterfly.
The Giant Owl Butterfly resides at the Victoria Butterfly Gardens in Canada along with many other...
photo of Dancing Penguins Dancing Penguins
When penguins come ashore, as well as preening themselves and checking out their surroundings they also move like they are dancing.
Yellow Eyed Penguin, Megadyptes antipodes in the Catlins Forest at the Petrified Forest at Porpoise...
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