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A photography portfolio on beautiful sunsets from exotic locations around the world

Sunsets, especially beautiful and vivid sunsets are probably the most photographed subject, and yes, I must say, every sunset is different. We have seen the sun setting in Alaska as well as on the Galapagos Islands - what a difference, while the sunset takes "forever" in areas closer to the poles, it is the opposite when you get closer to the equator.

In this photography portfolio about "beautiful sunsets" we have selected some of our sunset pictures from several travel locations like New Zealand, Alaska, Canada or Europe (just to mention a few) for this collection. Enjoy the "virtual beautiful sunsets" on hickerphoto.

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photo of Valley Sunset Valley Sunset
A stunning sunset in the clouds near Valley of the Gods in Utah, USA.
Sunset, Highway 95, Utah, USA, North America.
photo of Great Salt Lake Image Great Salt Lake Image
A dramatic sunset over Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA made for a stunning image.
A beautiful sunny day comes to a stunning end on Great Salt Lake, Utah. We arrived at Eagle Beach...
photo of Ontario Holiday Ontario Holiday
A wonderful holiday destination for boaters or land lovers alike, Port Credit Village in Ontario offers vsitors a variety of things to do during a vacation.
Canada, Ontario, Mississauga, Port Credit, Spring
photo of Winter Sun Winter Sun

cloud formation, sunset, yukon territory
photo of Sunset Kenai Sunset Kenai

Alaska, winter
photo of Caribous Anwr Caribous Anwr

We came across a beautiful sight on a clear night - these caribou were grazing in the arctic tunda...
photo of Windmill Sunset Windmill Sunset

Windmill at sunset, Oia, Santorin, Cyclades, Greece, Windmuehle bei Sonnenuntergang, Oia, Santorin,...
photo of Snow Pictures Snow Pictures
Snow Pictures with Snowmobile Tracks
Stock Photo of Snowmobile tracks at sunset in Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska. Snow...
photo of Sunset Pictures Sunset Pictures
Stock of Sunset Pictures over pack ice on the western shores of Newfoundland
Stock of Sunset Pictures over pack ice on the Western shores of Newfoundland. Sunset time is one of...
photo of Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park
The silhoutte of Joshua Trees in the Joshua Tree National Park after sunset in California, USA.
A photo of Joshua Tree National Park with beautiful red colors just after sunset. Two deserts...
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