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Rolf's bear pictures featuring Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos horribilis), Brown Bears (Ursus arctos), Black Bears (Ursus americanus) and the King of the Bears - the Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus).

Most of the Bear photos were taken in Alaska (i.e. Denali National Park, Katmai National Park, Brooks Range) and in Canada (Yukon Territories, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba).

Enjoy my Wildlife Photography Portfolio for Bears!

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photo of Bear Sleeping Bear Sleeping
Although this cute grizzly bear isn't really sleeping he is resting and on full alert.
This grizzly bear is a sleeping beauty, and was taking a nap during the day, although still fully...
photo of Polar Bears Churchill Polar Bears Churchill
Two Polar Bears engage in a round of sparring in the icy landscape of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada.
These young Polar Bears where having a friendly sparring match on the icy tundra of Churchill in...
photo of Polar Bears Polar Bears
These cute polar bears were all lined up foraging along a wall in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
One of my favourite photos of Polar bears, three bums lined up along the wall of a building in...
photo of Cute Black Bear Cute Black Bear
A cute black bear peers out from behind the long grass in British Columbia, Canada.
Black Bear cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America,
photo of Black Bear Cub Black Bear Cub
High up in a tree a little black bear cub waits alone for the return of its mother in British Columbia, Canada.
A Black Bear cub waits high in a tree for its mother to return. Ursus americanus, Canada, North...
photo of Grizzly Bear Cubs Playing Grizzly Bear Cubs Playing
A couple of cute Grizzly Bear cubs playing contently with each other in British Columbia, Canada.
The scientific name for a Grizzly Bear is Ursus arctos horribilis. Grizzly Bear Cubs stay with...
photo of Polar Bears Habitat Polar Bears Habitat
The frigid cold temperatures of the arctic tundra is the preferred habitat of Polar Bears.
The preferred habitat of Polar Bears is the Arctic Sea, and icy tundra of the arctic regions. These...
photo of Polar Bear Pictures Polar Bear Pictures
A young polar bear rests while posing for pictures on a mound of ice in the Churchill area of Manitoba, Canada.
A photo of a young polar bear resting on a mound of ice in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Polar Bear Pics Polar Bear Pics
A visit to the polar bear habitat of Churchill in Manitoba is a great opportunity to see the power of these amazing bears.
A photo of two young Polar bear sub adults sparring on the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear
A grizzly bear play fights with a nearby tree by a river in the Denali National Park of Alaska.
A photo of a Grizzly Bear in Denali National Park of Alaska.
photo of Black Bears Black Bears
This small family of two black bears, a mother and her cub were out on a fishing expedition in the wilderness of Canada.
Black Bear mother and cub, Ursus americanus, Canada, North America,
photo of Bear Pics Bear Pics
A grizzly bear poses for some cute bathing pics in Denali National Park in Alaska.
Grizzly Bear bathing in a river in Denali National Park, Alaska, USA.
photo of Bear Picture Bear Picture
A scruffy looking grizzly bear watches from behind spring flowers as we take his picture in Denali National Park, Alaska.
Grizzly bear, Alaska, USA, Denali National Park,
photo of Bear Cub Bear Cub
A cute black bear cub awaits patiently for it's mom to return, from the safety of a tree in British Columbia, Canada.
A Black Bear cub awaits the return of its mother from the safety of a high tree. Ursus americanus,...
photo of Alaska Brown Bear Alaska Brown Bear
A brown bear catches a jumping salmon while standing at the edge of the Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park of Alaska.
After a patient wait, a brown bear catches a salmon while fishing at Katmai National Park in...
photo of Bear Fishing Bear Fishing
A brown bear fishing in Fish Creek near Hyder in Alaska, USA.
This brown bear caught a tasty salmon snack while fishing in Fish Creek near Hyder in Alaska.
photo of Brown Bears Brown Bears
Katmai National Park is a great place to see Brown Bears fishing
Katmai National Park is the best location to see brown bears fishing and feeding. Brooks falls is...
photo of American Black Bear American Black Bear
An american black bear standing in green grass
The american black bear can be found in 39 US States, including Alaska as well as in all canadian...
photo of Bear Watching British Columbia Bear Watching British Columbia
A young Grizzly Bear in Knight Inlet, British Columbia, photographed on a bear watching tour.
There are several bear watching tours available in British Columbia. Some places are more popular...
photo of Grizzly Bear Pictures Grizzly Bear Pictures
One of my favourite grizzly bear pictures taken in Denali National Park of Alaska, USA.
grizzly bear pictures, close up
photo of Grizzly Bears Grizzly Bears
A grizzly mum and her baby bears come out of their winter den in the spring.
Grizzly Bears Mom with 2 Bear Cubs in Denali National Park, Ursus arctos horribilis
photo of Endangered Grizzly Bears Endangered Grizzly Bears
Grizzly Bears are endangered today in many places, this young Grizzly Bear is enjoying its life while playing in the grass
endangered grizzly bears in denali national park in Central Alaska. This Bear was playing for a...
photo of Grizzly Bear Running Grizzly Bear Running
Stock Photo of a Grizzly Bear running in autumn in Denali National Park
Stock Photo of a grizzly bear running in denali National Park
photo of Pictures Of Polar Bears Pictures Of Polar Bears
Stock Photo of Polar Bears
pictures of polar bears
photo of Grizzly Cub Grizzly Cub
A Grizzly Bear Cub is hiding behind Mom while looking at the photographer
grizzly cub, knight inlet, bc, canada
nature stock photography
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